Application skills of natural rubber in sealing products


Natural rubber, with high strength, good elasticity and low permanent deformation, is widely used in the production of various kinds of rubber sealing products, such as O-ring, sealing gasket, etc., with good sealing effect and long service life. In actual production, poor aging resistance is the short board of natural rubber, so not all sealing products can use natural rubber. When using natural rubber to produce sealing products, rubber manufacturers need to master certain skills to produce sealing products with better performance, longer service life and higher cost performance.

1. Characteristics and application scope of natural rubber sealing products

Rubber sealing products made of natural rubber as the main raw material have the properties of high mechanical strength, good resilience, high wear resistance and tear resistance. Generally, they work at the temperature of - 50 ℃ - 80 ℃. They are widely used in the production of brake cups and rims of automobile brake system, or used with other rubber varieties to produce sealing strips, gaskets, high vacuum sealing rings, etc. In practical application, natural rubber sealing products cannot work in mineral oil and hot air.

2. Selection of rubber raw materials and accessories for natural rubber sealing products

When natural rubber is used to produce sealing products, the mechanical strength, compression deformation resistance, medium resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, heat resistance and flexion resistance of the rubber compound 2llyy113-mxf are required in different degrees. Rubber product manufacturers need to determine whether natural rubber can be used according to the actual demand. In the actual production, common raw materials such as sulfur, accelerator DM, carbon black, paraffin, solid coumarone, antioxidant RD / MB are selected for processing and production.

3. Production mode of natural rubber sealing products

In the production process of rubber sealing products with natural rubber as raw material, natural rubber can be used alone, or proper amount of styrene butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber and chloroprene rubber can be added to the formula of natural rubber sealing products to improve the vulcanization performance and aging resistance of natural rubber sealing products. Or in the formula of natural rubber sealing products, appropriate use of latex reclaimed rubber, tire reclaimed rubber, isoprene reclaimed rubber, etc., can reduce the cost and improve the processing performance of natural rubber sealing products.

Natural rubber sealing products can further improve the aging resistance, low temperature elasticity and flexion resistance of natural rubber sealing products by reasonably selecting rubber raw materials and reasonably designing the production formula of sealing products. When using recycled rubber to reduce the raw material cost of rubber sealing products, rubber product manufacturers need to adjust the formula properly to reduce more raw material costs on the basis of keeping the physical properties unchanged. Later, Xiaobian has the opportunity to continue to discuss with you the production process and product performance of rubber sealing products.