Production skills of low cost rubber products


Using recycled rubber to produce rubber products is one of the most common means to reduce the cost of rubber products manufacturers, especially some rubber products manufacturers with low price positioning. However, in the actual production, the use of recycled rubber to produce low-cost rubber products is not just a matter of words, from the selection of recycled rubber to formula design, there are a lot of skills to master, in order to achieve the maximum reduction of raw material cost of recycled rubber products.

1. Choose the right manufacturer of reclaimed rubber

When choosing recycled rubber raw materials, rubber product manufacturers must choose the right one. This "right" should be considered from the scale, address, product quality and other aspects of the recycled rubber manufacturer. It is very simple to choose recycled rubber with the same quality nearby, especially the low-cost recycled rubber products, which can save the cost in terms of freight; at the same time, the specifications of recycled rubber products manufacturers should be considered In this way, the production of recycled rubber products can be carried out in an orderly manner. It is not necessary to pay for the change of product quality and shortage of recycled rubber products. The reclaimed rubber which is closest to the index demand of recycled rubber products should be selected as far as possible. If the above points are achieved, the reclaimed rubber and the cooperative reclaimed rubber factory can be selected At home, we have done a good job in the "infrastructure project" for the production of low-cost recycled rubber products.

2. Formula design of reclaimed rubber products

(1) Increase the application proportion of reclaimed rubber as much as possible

When using recycled rubber to produce rubber, increasing the amount of recycled rubber is the most basic way to reduce the cost of rubber products, especially for some low-grade rubber products, such as tire reclaimed rubber to produce ordinary rubber plate, it can completely use recycled tire rubber without adding any other rubber types, which can significantly reduce the cost of rubber raw materials.

(2) Proper use of rubber powder

In addition to recycled rubber, there is another common treatment method of waste rubber products - processing into rubber powder; compared with recycled rubber, the processing process of rubber powder is simpler, the price is lower, and the rubber powder product density is small, and the compatibility with rubber material is good. Adding appropriate amount of rubber powder in the recycled rubber products can not only reduce the rubber consumption, reduce the raw material cost, but also improve the production of recycled rubber For example, the wear resistance and tear resistance of tire tread compound can be significantly improved by adding appropriate amount of rubber powder into tire tread compound. The proper use of rubber powder in low-cost recycled rubber products is a good choice to ensure product quality and reduce production costs.

3) Rational use of filler and rubber oil

Whether it is to produce rubber products with various raw rubber or recycled rubber, fillers and rubber oil are indispensable. Among them: calcium carbonate and clay are very low-cost seasonings, appropriate increase can greatly reduce the cost of recycled rubber products. Taking calcium carbonate as an example, the tear strength, tensile stress and wear resistance of low-cost recycled rubber products can be significantly improved after proper modification; and some low-cost recycled rubber products with low requirements for physical and mechanical properties can be filled with calcium carbonate in large quantities. However, whether the use of low-cost calcium carbonate or clay, you need to use a certain amount of rubber oil.