What are the important physical properties of PU rubber rollers?


Polyurethane rubber roller, also called PU rubber roller, is a kind of equipment used in printing. So what are the important physical characteristics of PU rubber roller?


1. Chemical resistance---in order to meet the requirements of oil resistance, solvent resistance, and chemical resistance, it is more selected in synthetic rubber, such as the printing roller must be solvent resistant, oil resistance, acid resistance and so on.


2. Heat resistance---high temperature use is easy to make rubber aging. In addition to the core design, the cooling system must be considered. The rubber material must be carefully selected. For example, for the plastic industry and the paper industry, not only the wear resistance must be considered. Consider heat resistance and heat dissipation.


3. Physical properties---Rubber elasticity, flexibility, impact, abrasion and other physical functions affect the service life and product quality of rubber rollers. It is necessary to carefully choose rubber rollers such as the plastic film industry that have elasticity and wear resistance.


4. Economy --- The price of rubber rollers varies greatly due to different materials, so the value and life should be compared from time to time. For example, ordinary heat-resistant 150-degree rollers must use high-priced rubber.