Rubber Products in Automobile Industry


Rubber and rubber products are used in variety of purposes in the automobile industry. In the automotive industry, the presence of rubber is seen in fluid transfer systems, body sealing systems, transmission systems, automotive antivibration, sealants, adhesives & coatings, O-Rings, molded parts, flat seals, foam and converting products, body parts, spare parts etc.

automobile rubber product rubber for automotive industry

The automobile industry is directly related to rubber industry. The growth of the industry and importance of rubber goes hand-in-hand. It is a known fact that 75% of rubber produced in the world is used in the production of tires. The automotive industry dominates the rubber industry, both directly and indirectly. When we talk about direct intervention, we mean the original equipment tires and many other elastomeric items fitted to the car during manufacture, and indirectly, it is in terms of replacement items like tyres, wiper blades and to an ever-decreasing extent other items. The tires, engine mounts and wiper blades are usually made from natural rubber. Many of the other items used in the automotive industry are made from synthetic rubber, although more natural rubber could be used (in combinations) in extruded weather seals. Some items used in the engine compartment are manufactured from high value synthetic rubbers like for instance, hose for air-conditioning, engine seals, etc.


Some of the rubber products used in the automobile industry are as follows:

Suspension Rubber Bushings

Engine Mounting Rubber

Shock Absorber Rubber

Rubber Tires

Rubber Bumper


Rubber Air Bag

Rubber Seal

Rubber Mats

Rubber Hose