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Pu Rubber Rollers

Liangju Rubber manufactures PU Rubber Rollers which can carry up to four times more load than rubber and they provide wear and cut resistance in oily or wet environments.

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Product Description

Pu Rubber Rollers

1.Product Instruction of PU Rubber Rollers

Liangju Rubber manufactures PU Rubber Rollers which can carry up to four times more load than rubber and they provide wear and cut resistance in oily or wet environments. This makes them the perfect solution for high-stress applications, such as load wheels, conveyors, and drive and idler pulleys.

2.Applications of PU Rubber Rollers

The PU Rubber rollers are mainly used in paper-making, printing and dyeing, printing, food processing, metallurgy, plastic processing, etc. The PU Rubber rollers are roll-shaped products made of metal or other materials as the core and rubber covered by vulcanization. The rubber roller is generally composed of an outer layer of rubber, a hard rubber layer, a metal core, a roller neck, and a vent. Its processing includes roller core sandblasting, bonding treatment, glue forming, cloth wrapping, iron wire winding, vulcanization tank vulcanization and surface processing And other processes.

3. The Feature of Different Material Rubber Rollers

Natural rubber roller 

With excellent elasticity and mechanical strength, good alkali resistance, used in compression rubber rollers in textile, paper and leather, packaging and other equipment and traction rubber rollers in metallurgy, mining and other industries.

 Nitrile rubber roller

Excellent oil resistance, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, and heat resistance. It is used in printing, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, papermaking, packaging, plastic processing and other equipment and other occasions that are exposed to oil and aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents.

Neoprene rubber roller

Excellent abrasion resistance, high fire resistance, aging resistance, better heat resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, used for printed board corrosion machines, plastics, tanning, printing, food printing iron, ordinary coating machines, etc. equipment.

Butyl rubber roller

High resistance to chemical solvents, good heat resistance (170℃), excellent acid and alkali resistance, suitable for color printing machinery, leather making machinery, coating equipment, etc.

Ethylene propylene rubber roller

Excellent ozone aging resistance, weather resistance, wide operating temperature, long-term work at -65℃-140℃, excellent insulation performance, used in plastic printing machinery, tanning machinery, and general fields.

PU rubber roller

It has extremely high mechanical strength and abrasion resistance, aging resistance and oil resistance. It is often used in papermaking, chemical fiber, wood processing, plastic processing and other machinery.

Silicone rubber roller

Utilizing its high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, chemical inertness and non-adhesion to plastics, it is used to process hot-bonded products, such as polyethylene calendering, embossing, printing and dyeing, film and fabric coating adhesives, plastic composites, corona Processing machinery is also used as a release roller on sugar production and packaging machines and non-woven fabric manufacturing.

Fluorine rubber roller

It has extremely high heat resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, gas permeability, electrical insulation, aging resistance, flame resistance, abrasion resistance and other properties. It is also used for special coating equipment. Carbon fiber roller.

4.Quality Control and Certifications

We serve our customers with high quality Pu Rubber Rollers by strictly follow ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949.

We supply all testings for the automotive rubber bushings before shipment, like tensile strength, bushing torsion testing,etc.



5. Packing,Payment and Shipping

Our packing for all the Pu Rubber Rollers, strong enough to ensure its safety throughout the whole delivery no mater domestic or oversea shipping. Customized Packing/LOGO/Labeling are Available.


1.Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
-LJ RUBBER is 100% Manufacturer of Pu Rubber Rollers.

2.Where is your factory located?
-Xiamen City, Southeast of China

3.How many factories do you have?
-We have two factories:
1. Head office: SLD RUBBER was found in 1985, specialize in producing MIXING RUBBER Componds(Synthetic Rubbers)
2. Molded Manufacturer: LJ RUBBER was found in 2005, specialize in manufacturing Custom Rubber Molded Products.
3.How many staffs do you have in your factory?
-100 People

4.Do you supply material?
-Yes, we have our own mixing rubber factory and can supply you with Synthetic Rubbers to fit your applications.

5.If OEM is acceptable?
-Yes, we can produce according to your design and offering samples are Free of charge, such us Pu Rubber Rollers.

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